LAMPS at the Chilean Energy National Comision

Talk on optimization models for transmission planning under uncertainty at the Chilean Energy National Comision (ENC). Recently, the Chilean government passed a new law that significantly changes the operation and planning regulatory framework. The new guidelines aim at a transmission planning policy that is proactive to drive, or induce, generation expansion to a co-optimized solution. Last Monday, April 10th of 2017, Prof. Alexandre Street presented his talk on the best practices and state of the art on mathematical modeling applied to the transmission expansion problem under uncertainty. Other 3 international keynote speakers from US and Mexico (MISO, NREL, CENACE) have also presented different perspectives based on their experiences as market/system operators and system planners. The seminar is part of a consulting project, sponsored by the Chilean government, led by Prof. Fernando Mancilla-David, from Colorado University (Denver). The need for new expansion models that take in to account uncertainty into the optimization process was the key concept of the seminar. The consensus around this subject notwithstanding, the presence of official models that are actually used to expand real power systems that account for multiple scenarios within a dynamic framework is close to zero. Challenges and opportunities behind the many possible ways with which uncertainty can be described within an optimization model applied to the transmission expansion problem were also part of the talk, which can be found at the following link:

Seminario Internacional Planificación de la transmisión