StateSpaceModels.jl: Package developed by LAMPS researchers reaches 50 stars on github

The package StateSpaceModels.jl, developed by Raphael Saavedra, Guilherme Bodin, and Mario Souto, has recently reached the milestone of 50 stars on github. Given the popularity of the Julia Language is still relatively low, this is a significant milestone, in addition to indicating that the package is being used by numerous students and researchers worldwide.

The package consists of a framework for modeling, analyzing, forecasting, and simulating time series using state-space models. The user can opt to use well-known predefined models, such as structural, local level, or linear trend models, or define their own models through a general interface. The framework has been used in projects within the laboratory and was presented in 2019 in the annual Julia conference, JuliaCon, in Baltimore, US.

Access the package in