Can current market designs keep up with new technologies? A take on the article “The Three Waves of U.S. Reforms,” written by Benjamin F. Hobbs e Shmuel S. Oren.

By Luíza Bastos Ribeiro and Marina Dietze

The latest issue of IEEE power & energy magazine, published earlier this year, features the article entitle “The Three Waves of U.S. Reforms,” in which Hobbs and Oren present an overview of the American energy market and the changes it has undergone throughout the years. The authors then call attention to the impact of new technologies over market design.

With an eye on current market designs and driven by the question about their ability to keep up with new technologies that have the potential to completely change the network over the next few years, Luíza Bastos Ribeiro and Marina Dietze, both researchers at LAMPS, shot this video, in which they present the Hobbs and Oren’s article from the point of view of this particular issue.


To access the complete article that gave rise to the video, click here.