Best Paper Award from IEEE Transactions on Power Systems

Alexandre Velloso, David Pozo, and Alexandre Street have just received the Best Paper Award from IEEE transactions on power systems in a ceremony that happened on December 8th, 2022. Supervised by Alexandre Street and David Pozo Camara (a postdoc at LAMPS PUC-Rio), this research work resulted in one of Alexandre Velloso’s PhD papers. It proposes a methodological framework and an efficient algorithm to address long- and short-term uncertainty from renewables when deciding the best transmission lines to expand an electric power system. The paper also has an algorithmic contribution to a class of distributionally robust models, a very difficult optimization class of problems with applications in many different areas. The benefits of the new findings of this paper may inspire system operators and planners to start looking at this framework as an effective way to account for short-term uncertainty in long-term planning studies. This is key when selecting transmission lines that will have to play many different roles due to the huge uncertainty they are subject to when selected (energy transfer, reliability and reserve deliverability, flexibility, etc). So, the LAMPS PUC-Rio is very proud today!

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